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K K Hemmings - two writers, working in collaboration to bring an astonishing new style of literature to the genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
Their stories grip the imagination: and are so real that you might easily believe they have travelled back in time from a future world to tell us something of our own destiny.
Something that they have seen for themselves... firsthand.
Something from which, no matter how hard we try, we are unable to escape!

Will you dare to explore post apocalyptic worlds, populated with horrifying genetic mutations?
Can you fathom the mysteries of ancient belief systems that may provide desperate protagonists with solutions to their perils?

Witness the tenacity of the human spirit as characters succumb to the ravages of divergent human evolution, unruly scientists and long forgotten arcane magic.
You’ll be convinced it’s really happening: out there in the streets, and hiding in the dark unseen places, waiting.

Or will you be scrambling for the light switch just to make sure it's not coming for you right now?

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  • Teraform - Book 1
  • Rogue Trilogy Humanitys End Book 1
  • Rogue Trilogy Humanitys End Book 2
  • Rogue Trilogy Humanitys End Book 3

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